In this section you will find information about the game Authors, how to get in contact with us, and learn what can you do to help the Discordia project.


I Concurso Imprimir y Jugar

Mejor Juego Libre P&P 2006

The Authors

Aitor González

Aitor Gonzalez

Aitor was born in Vitoria (Spain), studied Telecommunication Engineering at Bilbao and works in the field of technological researching.

His boardgaming hobby began on his childhood. He has been on Warhammer, Magic and other collectible stuff, is charting member of the gaming association "Valinor", and has published a strange commercial game (TETO card game), but his first true "big design work" is Vera Discordia. His desk drawer is full of unpublished, incomplete game designs.

LIKES: Touhou videogames, chinese food, Fraggle Rock

DISLIKES: artichokes, political correctness, modern art

STYLE: His games are often complex, and full of randomness and conflict.


John Sein

John Sein

Born on a sunny morning in June 1984, John loves to wear away notebooks using a pilot pen. After scribbling through his childhood, he took lessons in the ESDIP (Professional Drawing Superior School) and now is taking his firsts steps on the world of illustration. He has been the illustrator of TETO: the Card Game and a regular collaborator of Urban Rivals, as well as working 8-10 hours a day in a multimedia company. In case he doesn’t die of a neuronal implosion, he’ll be glad to sign Vera Discordia copies.

LIKES: Drawing (¬_¬ż) , personal relations, videogames

DISLIKES: Getting up early, don’t having money, licking the inner tops of yoghurts.

ESTILO: Variable, but mainly Amerimanga and youthful.


Sergi Marcet

Sergi Marcet

Born in Tarragona, Sergi studied Illustration in the Llotja school, in Barcelona, where he currently lives. He works as a Freelance illustrator.

LIKES: Rock from the 70s or 90s, Jazz and Classical music.

DISLIKES: modern art, hipsters, yuppies, hippies, punks, ska... and specially Sauerkraut. He hates Sauerkraut!

STYLE: A friend of him always says that Sergi sculpts instead of drawing. He doesn’t know if that’s good or bad.


María Jesús Hernández

Maria Jesus Hernandez

María Jesús was born in Vitoria, where she graduated as Childhood Educator in the Teacher-Training College. She has made lots of freelance works for many entities: Sauré Editorial, Krea, Buesa Foundation, etc... Most part of her life she has been a self-taught illustrator, but recently she has taken lessons on the Arts School of Vitoria.

LIKES: Stargate and many other sci-fi, fantasy or terror films; RPG videogames; her dogs Kiba and Kuro.

DISLIKES: Radical attitudes, whining poshes, the writer Michael Strazinsky.

STYLE: Her style is somewhere between Jimmy Hewlett and Wakfu, with a Disney grounding.


Gonzalo San Martín

Gonzalo San Martin

Gonzalo was born in Vitoria (Spain), where started as hobby illustrator and later took lessons in the local Arts School. He has made many freelance works as graphic designer and cartoonist, and actually he’s working as Animator in Segovia.

LIKES: Earthbound, chiptune music, Back to the Future.

DISLIKES: thinking too much, abuses of power, tripe.

STYLE: Americartoonmanga.


Luis Gainzarain

Luis Gainzarain

Luis Gainzarain was born in Santander (Spain) on 1984 and studied Fine Arts at the UPV/EHU campus in Bilbao.

He used to draw a lot when attending school (even during the lessons), played videogames and red comics. He was raised in a small town (actually, a crater) in Cantabria and spent the last three years living and studying in Bilbao, where he made friends with similar hobbies as him. With many projects in his head, has been member of the Ideateca, where he designs iPhone games.

LIKES: comics (Rogue!), sculpting and Erasmus parties.

DISLIKES: road bumps (the artificial ones intentionally put there to force you to slow down before a zebra crossing), pedantry, ginger.

STYLE: His drawings are similar to the comics he likes (X-men), his works can be delicate or rough.


Juan Pardo

Juan Pardo

Juan pardo is a spanish graphic designer. He always had drawing and painting as hobbies, but about a year ago he decided to take digital illustration seriously. He has contributed to Vera Discordia as one of his first projects.

LIKES: inhabitants of Rigel 7 and their respective Nurnans, they’re awesome!

DISLIKES: cucumbers (they’re antinatural an bizarre), and tunas (their eyes are evil!), he also hates penguins, duckbills and star-nosed moles. Oh, and the ocean sunfish...

STYLE: His favourite artists are Alphonse Mucha, J.W. Waterhouse, Frank Frazetta, Justin Sweet, Henning Ludvigsen, Andrew Jones... and some more...



Dovi (Luis Doviso)

Born in Irun (Euskadi), in december, during the well known "1984 snowfall". According to his father: "he learnt to draw before he learnt to speak". Since his childhood, he loved all kinds of nerdy stuff, and devoured every Anime, Manga and Comic that came into his hands, while he drew and invented stories with his friend John Sein. Later, he got into roleplaying games...

After briefly trying the University, he didn’t find any purpouse in it, and eventually studied Graphic Design in KUNSTHAL (Irun). After that, he became co-founder and member of the Marketing Department of ZENIT Hybrid Crafts (ZENIT Embarcaciones Híbridas), a naval engineering enterprise based on renewable energies. He still works in it, combining it with other Designer or Waitress jobs, as far as possible. After such a colorful curriculum, Luis felt the call of his "Illustrator Inner Nature", and went to Barcelona in order to learn Illustration in the JOSO School, where he met the Colorist Joe Tudesky. Both make a very good working duo and have undergone very good sprees.

Today, he survives as a soldier of fortune, making illustrations, design, starting projects or serving drinks. If you have a problem, and if you can find him....maybe you can hire The A-Team! I mean... DOVI!"

LIKES: Sex, Draw & Rock’N’Roll

DISLIKES: His mutant skill to ignore the alarm clock, being poor when (clearly) he was born to be as rich as Tony Stark.

STYLE: People define him as Amerimanga, he prefers "Eclectic"... sounds cooler. ¬_¬*blink!



Fernando Marecos

Fernando Marecos

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he is living after being raised in the outskirts of north patagonia (Neuquén).

He´s studying Industrial Design in Buenos Aires University, where he also teaches classes and works as a library consultant.

Recently, he has ventured into the field of professional illustration, taking advantage of his spontaneus and efficient profile, after some years of making concept art for academic projects. Some of his last works are Shinobi (Bureau de Juegos), concept art for marketing companies and art for music bands.

LIKES: Drawing, playing boardgames, morphology, thinking once in a while, and pretending that he composes music.

DISLIKES: Working on Sunday, listening to the same song more than once a day, people who underestimate themselves, and pessimism.

STYLE: Dynamic Express.


Help Us

This project has born for the love of it. If you like the game and would like it to succeed, you can help us in the following ways:

Play it

It may seem a bit obvious, but the primary goal of creating a game is to make people have fun playing it. Knowing that, you could help a lot just downloading our game, crafting it, and playing with a friend.

Spread the Word

It would be very helpful if you talked about Vera Discordia in forums, chats, social networks or even in real life. We have no marketing budget, so we depend on people like you to spread our message. If you wish to link our site, you can use the following banner (please don’t hotlink it, copy it in your server instead):

Remember that the Creative Commons License of this game grants you more options that just linking our site. As long as you fulfill the license terms, you can make things like uploading the game files to your web or to a hosting server, sharing them through torrent, or even burning them into CDs and giving them away as presents. We love the idea that our game gets copied and shared to the maximum.

Organize Events

You can craft game copies and give them as presents (it’s a quite original present!), teach how to play to your friends, organize tournaments, or take the game to a gaming convention to make demo plays.

Again, the Creative Commons license allows you to make all these things in a simple and legally safe way.


Contact Information

You can find us in the following email address:
info (AT) sinpagames (DOT) com

Feel free to send any comment, criticism or question. If you have a question, please, before contacting us, check if it has been already answered in the game FAQ that comes with the Base Game pack.

You can also meet the game designer and some of the illustrators at the BoardGameGeek entry of Vera Discordia or in the spanish boardgaming forum (in Spanish).


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